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Inconel 625 Coils

Inconel 625 Coils

Jaiman Metalloys LLP is one of the leading suppliers, exporters & manufacturers of quality Inconel 625 coils.

Inconel 625 coils can be customized in terms of thicknesses and sizes as per the specific requirements of our clients.

Inconel 625 Coil Features:

  • High tensile, creep, and rupture strength
  • Outstanding fatigue and thermal-fatigue strength
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Excellent weldability and brazeability
  • Immune to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking
Inconel 625 Coils
Inconel 625 Coils Stockist

Inconel 625 Coil Applications:

  • Seawater Applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Plant equipment in chemical processing field
  • Nuclear field applications
  • Offshore industry marine equipment
  • Flare stacks

A lot of emphases are placed on the packing and packaging. The Inconel 625 sheets and plates are packed in wooden corrugated boxes foiled in plastic wraps and bubble wraps.